Homes in the 7th Ward of St. Louis

Tax dollars belong to all of us.

For decades, our city leaders have taken the “build it and they will come” approach to economic development. This has lead to hundreds of millions of dollars benefiting commercial developers. This fails to provide real economic prosperity for our residents.

Our investments as a city should to be in people. Tax abatements need to be reserved to strengthen the housing stock in our neighborhoods, create healthy, walkable lifestyles, and to promote locally owned businesses that can afford to pay a living wage.

Providing great places for people to live will bring developers that are willing to pay taxes in order to serve thriving neighborhoods.

Serious investments in local schools, parks and recreation, and most importantly; homeownership will provide the future St. Louis is looking for.

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Young WomanI support lowering the voting age for city elections and issues to 16.

Sixteen year-olds legally work and pay taxes, share our roads, can be tried as an adult for their crimes, and can make commitments to the armed services and in matrimony.

The earlier someone votes, the greater the likelihood that they will be a regular voter. Lowering the voting age gives our community a valuable teaching opportunity to instill civic involvement in young people.

Quinn Parks with sign 'Defend all Homeless Shelters'Our homeless neighbors are our responsibility, the invisible hand of the free market is not coming to save these folks. One way or another, they are victims of our culture. We can end homelessness in our city by providing housing and becoming the employer of last resort. Many of these people are simply missing out on resources available to them because they don't have an address or a phone number.All people are equal, all people deserve compassion.

But to really end homelessness, you have to stem the cause of it. We need living wages and affordable housing with access to convenient public transportation.We have to fix our house, and build for the future.

Front of Soulard Market BuildingThe Soulard Market is in need of some love. The building itself needs some updates to better serve the community, and some restoration to maintain it's history. I would like to see a partnership with the St. Louis History Museum concerning the upstatirs space, perhaps a history of food in St. Louis exhibit. The market needs to be able to host a wider variety of tenet. The grounds surrounding the park could be better used to serve the needs of the community.

The Market does not need us to pay a consulting firm hundreds of thousands of dollars to tell us how to take care of this treasure. The community can develop a sensible plan that will fit our needs the best.


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Interior of Metro CarA north/south Metro Link expansion is a long time in coming. It would open up greater job opportunities to many of the neighborhoods that need it the most.

A Metro Link expansion would also spread much needed tourism dollars into parts of the city rarely seen by those that visit by bus or plane. Over time, it would raise the property value of a large swath of the city.

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